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FY03 Budget Handouts
Final Budget
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Budget Breakdown
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Mass Cherry Sheets
Charges and assessments for cities and towns


Ward 1 & Ward 2
Ward Councillors
Dave McFarlane,
Greg Earls



Wards 1 and 2 - Positives

Waterfront - something happening

CPA in motion
    - Federal Street project positive

Change on Bartlett Mall

Power line over Merrimack River down

Progress on bike path access

Opening of Audubon Center (Wildlife Refuge Visitors' Center to come)

Public Library expansion

Refurbishing of Moseley Woods
    - At least some money is available

High School almost done

Expansion of some Rail Trails

Work ongoing on the Plum Island Bridge

Neighborhood Schools

More public participation

Wards 1 and 2 - Concerns

[Note: Items are graded in importance from 1 to 3, 1 being the highest priority;
(?) indicates a "good question" posed; inquiry about status.]

(1) Road/sidewalk conditions
    - Bromfield Street future construction
    - Newburyport PI - 58% to 66% unpaved streets

(2) Increase in taxes and fees

(1) Degraded condition of infrastructure (all school utilities, roads, etc.)
    - Lack of maintenance on PI recreational facilities
    - Lack of recreational space (none added in last 30 years, except Perkins Playground)

(3) 500% increase in mooring fees

(1) Downtown parking needed; need parking garage
    - Issue on parking

Financing for PI may be lost and cost to PI residents

(2) Consultant to counsel whose advice not taken (examples Police Dept., parking garage)

(2) Higher level of accountability
    - Engage people like tonight
    - Pay attention to public
    - Continuing saga on Police Dept., promotion etc.

(?) Are we using resources paid for (example Police radar speed sign)?

(1) Eroding ability to fund quality education

CPA - maybe voluntary taxes vs. mandatory

(1) High School still not done

(1) CPA voted but not implemented

(?) Does charter school deplete school resources

(1) Identify override amount (at least estimate)

(?) on Perkins Playground

(1) Lack of willingness of city government to adequately understand quality of life
being protected and maintained



Ward 3 & Ward 4
City Councillors
Karen Kelley, Erford Fowler


Wards 3 and 4 - Positives

Waterfront - "historic wayes" nearly complete, to be dedicated on May 18th

Library - staff, facility

High School - open house June 1st

Parking in vicinity of High School OK since reopening
Comment: smokers along HS wall gone

CPA passage

North Loop of Rail Trail - support from city departments, Planning Dept., DPW

Bartlett Mall - replanting of elms, working toward vision

High Street - partial repaving

Police presence near schools

(Discernable) slow down on Low Street

Federal Street historic homes saved

Bond rating improved

Cashman Park - playground, revetment, walk

Atkinson Common landscaping

Planning Dept's efforts to look at zoning bylaws/review

Commitment from the community

Recycling more materials, continuing leaf pickup

Parking committee/analysis & planning for facility(ies)

Response to community tragedies --- common concern

Transition to the new High School --- classroom without walls ---
     - students, teachers praised
     - teaching staff, comment about Trista and Neil's consideration of teaching career
        a tribute to teachers

CPA - potential benefit to leverage other funds (anticipation loans)
    - Need to realize CPA benefits before changing current structure/surcharge


Wards 3 and 4 - Concerns/Suggestions

Not all city councillors here, if they truly want to be representative, presence req'd

Neighborhood issues - not cleaned up or enforced

Establish a street, sidewalk repair schedule

Strong supervision of utility companies
    - Telephone poles (extras)
    - Street repair
    - Tree trimming

Resolve parking problems downtown, seeking lost parking garage funds ---
not parking on waterfront as a solution

New elementary school building
    - Bresnahan trailers got to go!

Prevention of potential unwise development

CPA used for open space not affordable housing subsidy to developers

Youth commitment to fund position and structured activities

Lost opportunities on grants given staff elected officials, citizens overworked

Senior Citizens

School funding cuts equal % across the board (charter school)

Police report ignored, legal opinion disregarded

City Council not governing

Plans (e.g., Master Plan, Open Space, Long term building needs) shelved not implemented

Mandate for CPA - financing is under attack


Prioritized Summary of Concerns:

[Note: Items are graded in importance from 1 to 3, 1 being the highest priority.]

(2) Lost opportunities - grants (City Council, staff, volunteers over-extended)

(1) City Council must attend to governing

(1) Plans - implementation and support
    - Development - controlling
    - Waterfront - downtown parking

(2) Neighborhood issues
    - Parking streets
    - Cleanup sidewalks
    - Lights enforcements

(1) Youth and schools
    - LTEB needs
    - Bresnahan funding
    - Youth coordinator (1, 2)

(1, 2) Police - report ignored; more support from elected officials and community

CPA - implement respect mandate, voters' decision

(2-3) Utilities - oversight

(1/3) Senior Citizens' Center


Ward 5 & Ward 6
City Councillors
Brenda Reffett, Tom O'Brien


Ward 5 and 6 - Positives

Parks/Skate parks

Ways to the Water


Youth Commission programs

High School - building and staff

Leaf Pickup

Citizens/Govt Officials
    - activism

CPA vote

Little Nature Trail

Fire protection & other protective services

Wards 5 and 6 - Concerns

[Note: Items are graded in importance from 1 to 3, 1 being the highest priority.]

(3) Leaf Pickup

(1) Deterioration of Storey Avenue (lack of State maintenance)

(1) State of city roads

(1) City water supply (quality not quantity)

(1) Illegal dumping around reservoir

(2) General littering throughout city

(1) Reduction in services in schools/budget cuts

(1) Reduction services/city - no youth coordinator

(1) Kelly School still open

(1) Flooding in Hale Street/North Pasture
    - Continued development & impact on flooding

(2) Lack of funding for park maintenance

(1) Perception of discord/dysfunction in Police Department

(1) Interpretation of the law regarding noise violation in terms of motorcycles/
determine decision maker

(1) Impending capping landfill

(1) Bresnahan space concerns

(2) Equitable funding in elementary education

(3) State $ commitment for CPA match

(1) 40B effects of development on services

(2) No left hand turn on Storey Ave to Woodman

(2) Intersections - traffic flow around city

(1) Curzon Mill Rd drainage problems/surrounding area (i.e., Phillips Dr.)

(1) General attitude toward teen population

(1) Lack of movement on Senior Citizen Center

(2) Lack of teen center

(2) Daytime downtown parking (and weekend events)

(1) Lack of enforcement for sidewalk ordinance in particular school zones/routes

(2) Update review housing records for accurate 40B reporting

(2) City Council handling of Police promotion

(2) Lack of affordable housing

(1) High School drop out rate

(1) Substance Abuse among teens

(1) Sidewalks missing on Ferry, Pine Hill, Curzon Mill

(2) Political influences of non-residents (Waterfront, NAID, Plum Island)



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