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"Reflections of the Waterside ... throughout the generations" ~ an e-volving retrospective (captioned from Dexter's perspective) View pdf files of enlarged photos of children in mirror & children in tree taken a generation ago (depicted in this year's Yankee Homecoming program book and the virtual retrospective) Are you (or yours) in one or both of these images? Then please make a "virtual connection" (via email) in advance of the Waterside community gam ~ a social gathering to be held in a Motion of Comity with Yankee Homecoming after the July 29th opening ceremony What is a gam?
Moments In Time ~ program roster for the Waterside community gam held July 29th
Plotting Lord Timothy Dexter's homecoming "Life is an Adventure" (Abridged version published in 2006 Yankee Homecoming program book) Wonder of Wonders! (Unabridged version ~ Come to know about Lord Tim's eternal mission as motif & motivator "in a Motion of Comity" with the Waterside movement ~ along with his ephemeral commission during Yankee Homecoming ~ when he fulfills his prophesy that he may "com back toue see houe you all goue on")
Itinerary for Yankee Homecoming's Ambassador-at-Large Lord Timothy Dexter & entourage
"Split obits" ~ countering obituaries of Dexter (1806 & 2006) Epilogues & Epitaphs
"Seek and Ye Shall Find" ~ link to historic cemetery tours, summits & such
Forthcoming: Broadside "Tidings from the Waterside" & "Overleaf" The Outcome ~ How today's generations of the Waterside people figure into the aftermath
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