Come Home! Come Home!

~ The Return of the Small Tall Ship Misty Isles, Summer of 2003~

Returning home to Newburyport on Wednesday July 23rd, 2003 Misty Isles approached the harbor at seven bells on the afternoon watch (3:30pm). The photograph of Misty Isles as she ventured past Ring's Island was taken from the vantage of Newburyport's Waterfront Fish Pier by Alice Twombly.
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The 1915 small Tall Ship passed the Pike homestead on Ring's Island as the crew made headway ...
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maneuvering the gaff-rigged ketch in the harbor and dropping the main sail by eight bells (1600 or 4pm).
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With Harbormaster Ralph Steele abetting and Harbor Commissioner Hans Erwich in regard, Misty Isles was safely tied up dockside long before the second bell of what is called the "first dog watch" (4:30pm).
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On the journey homeward and into port, Captain Ray Pike had Misty Isles fly the City of Newburyport's commemorative flag --- to honor those fellow adventurers who persistently follow their dreams and prudently plan so those dreams come true, while ever adapting to the delays and changes in even the best laid plans. This gesture carried out her ceremony as the Waterside community's adopted flagship. The ongoing relationship with Misty Isles, Captain and crew remains both symbolic and symbiotic.
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In her home port, the small Tall Ship with the lofty mission remained dockside through Yankee Homecoming weekend, flying Newburyport's ensign. The Ship is Ready for adventure: Foremost, Misty Isles serves as sail training vessel ("landship") for the Sea Scout Unit 49, Ring's Island, Salisbury, MA. This season, Skipper Alice Twombly plans a busy itinerary for the crew while expanding the exchange program with the Greater Lawrence Community Boating Program (GLCBP).
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So keep a watchful eye out for the Misty Isles' comings and goings this summer when dockside and her occasional mooring in the vicinity of the embayment area. The dockside schedule, photos of the flagship Misty Isles' homecoming and other relevant information will be kept current via The Ship is Ready link and eventually, The Ship blogger.

And please take note that the weekend of August 16th through the 17th, the Misty Isles shall participate in Boston Antique & Classic Boat Festival in Salem, an event sponsored by Lowell's Boat Shop. We hear tell that the small Tall Ship Misty Isles is to be the oldest vessel there --- and given Newburyport is her home port, do suppose that gives those of us at the Mouth of the Merrimack River certain "bragging rights."

This trip to Salem foretells what is on the horizon, since the next leg of the journey will be ventured in the company of surrounding communities. For, as we pass the 240th year milestone of the Waterside Third Parish of Newbury's establishment as the separate town of Newburyport in 2004 ~ Massachusetts marks the 375th year anniversary of the Commonwealth's two formative documents, the 1629 Massachusetts Bay Charter and the Cambridge Agreement.



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