Corollary to the Colloquy with the Fourth Estate
in regards to the interview for the Moon walking sidebar article

The myopic focus on Dexter's biopic was a concern expressly expressed to the Current journalist who had called (when one was prone to be prone) to inquire about Lord Timothy Dexter and the motif (as it related to the Once in a Blue Moon opportunity) ...

Had imparted these concerns in that verbal and subsquent virtual exchange, the latter tailoring extant material online (or on the bolt) that had been referenced during the interview. Temporarily posted and posited at the Virtual Wolfe Tavern --- that correspondence (which was forwarded in a Motion of Comity) follows --- and has been now stitched (in time) to the "sole" of the last footnote of Moon Walking as an afterlight.

Tidings, Dinah and Marlene,

Afraid that the breadth of this broadcloth --- the Cloths of Heaven --- a whole cloth that employs Dexter and the moon as a motif --- is too much cover in a brief exchange --- analog or digital.

It may be misleading to make Dexter (the exponent/proponent) the focus of the Waterside movement. [For as quipped to former Councilor Kelley before Yankee Homecoming, that would be tantamount to those dreamers of a better way hanging their hopes on Howard Dean.] This movement is more about becoming one of the Knowing Ones --- navigating what Dexter calls the “hie tides & loue tides” of Life’s journey --- asking good questions and questioning the answer about history and history in the making.

[However, if you choose to publish a sidebar on Dexter and his cosmology --- please do mention that he was wont to start any key venture on the 9th day after the New Moon --- 9 being his lucky number --- with “houl Lite” shed with each full moon. (Dropping by the Virtual Wolfe Tavern on such occasions --- in a Motion of Comity --- noting some strands weave this thematically.)]

As mentioned in our phone exchange --- and as discussed with Rob Marino when he wrote the piece to Awaken the Spirit in October 2002 [still online on Dexter's virtual seat on the "noue systom of knollege & Lite at (see direct hyperlink)] Dexter likely followed the old ways --- and oft gauged his progress “monne to monne” --- This was not lunacy, but common practice for the times --- for planters and mariners --- and especially for the Waterside, a shallow port for deep thinkers and the Ships’ hulls, so charting with the highest tides of the Full and New Moon ensured safe departure/arrival from/to port (for any venture) ---

[By the way, the “bunny in the moon” (mentioned in the piece) is an independent framework --- an original telltale that one had woven with the aboriginal tales (Algonquin and African) --- for the Plan in Motion is to have a community summit using these telltales as a didactic tool ...]

While Dexter was superstitious ... however, as he comments in his anthology, “A Pickle for the Knowing Ones” --- see Lord Timothy site (direct hyperlink) ---

“the god of Nater has dun very much for our present king and all our former ones thay are all good I want them to Live for Ever and I beleave thay will it is hard work to be A king --- I say it is harder than tilling the ground I know it is for I find it is hard work to be A Lord I dont desier the sound but to pleas the peopel at Large Let it gou to brak the way it dus for A sort ment to help a good Lafe to Cour the sick spleney goutey dull frames Lik my selfe with the goute and so on make merry a Chealy Christon is for me only to be onnest No matter what thay worshep son monne or stars or there wife or miss if onnest Live for Ever”

[In this passage, Dexter remarks about the present king (Jefferson) and former “kings” --- Washington and Adams --- (the three primary figures mounted on high arches in his “mouseum of grate caricters”) --- mentioning that it is difficult to be a king (in another passage Dexter comments that the term “president” makes “the people” feel more comfortable, but time will tell if there is any difference in the authority of the new nation’s leader) --- (Further) he comments that he knows it is hard work to be a king, and he should know because it is hard work to be a Lord (isn’t this uncanny, since President Bush kept remarking in the debate that being president is “hard work” --- M’Dear (Ken) and m’self so bemused with the coincidence) --- Anyway, Dexter mentions that his intention is to please the people, breaking the way for it “does for assortment and amusement --- a good laugh to cure the sick, spleany, gouty dull frames (like himself with the gout and so on) --- and to make merry the chilly Christians --- for him, the Golden Rule is to be honest --- for it does not matter what they worship, the sun, the moon, or stars or their wife (or miss/mistress) --- if honest you will live forever.” (In another passage Dexter speaks of the Golden Rule --- and having no fear of Death if you follow the same --- to countermand the sermonizing he heard --- More re this if pertinent.]

As for the “blue moon” --- throughout history, the term was not defined as we know it today ---
See (the direct hyperlink and an excellent source document online at ---

While one's own family tradition --- particularly with my paternal grandfather (who had showed one the bunny in the moon) --- used the term “Once in a Blue Moon opportunity” --- as you can see upon this review, the term has evolved. Have woven this elusiveness into the motif: Thus, Dexter would NOT have been familiar with today’s definition --- and when he “came back toue see houe you all goue on” to mark the Waterside’s milestone year with the Once in a Blue Moon opportunity --- he was as surprised to learn of today’s definition of “blue moon” --- as he was to learn that the term “lipberal” has fallen into such disfavor!

Something Lord Tim had opportunity to express during the Once in a Blue Moon on July 31st --- and if you haven’t given that page a quick review, you should --- (hyperlink) --- which is linked to the Yankee Homecoming webpage (the Yankee Homecoming website he managed gratis this past year) weaving the and sites (hyperlink).

The 1752 Poor Richard’s Almanack [which inspires the term, “Keeping pace with the Heavens”) --- can be found online (one such hyperlink). And, as mentioned, when Dexter brings history to life once again with Ben Franklin’s visit --- there will be much enlightenment and education about such matters.

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