The Waterside Community "Gam" ~
an opportunity for social exchange afloat or ashore ~  
held the blue moon of May 31, 2007
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mouse aboard
The Ship to see whose
Spirit takes "the helm in love"

The Ship's Pro-Log:
Come gather among friends, family, community &
July 27, 2007 ~ at the former site of
ye Waterside Parish Meetinghouse in Market Square
The Ship ~ Navigating the Narrative

Let us congregate for the Waterside community gam on the blue moon of May 31, 2007. Don't miss this once in a blue moon opportunity to re-orient ourselves ~ and gauge where we have been, where we are and where we are going ... as individuals and as a community.

Begin gathering 6PM at Somerby's Landing at the easternmost "historic waye to the Waterside"
(link within) during the family event organized by the Commission for Diversity and Tolerance
(which will conclude"Peace Month"). Interactive entertainment for the young (and young at heart) will be provided by "The Sea Wall Singer" Jerry Leggett's touring "Peace Bubble" (link without) ~ with social exchange on the periphery. This event will end around 7PM to 7:30PM, when the "Peace Bubble" drifts off into the sunset. And on that chord of harmony ...

  • All hail! Let the gam begin ~ with social exchange and "tidings" ~ announcement of the gam's roster and discourse about upcoming events and forums
    • Complete the cairn-building2 ~ entries in the Ship's log & transcript

  • Begin the "solvitur ambulando" (pre)amble3 ~ eastward along the Waterside boardwalk, with a stop at Market Landing's "generation foundation stone"4 at 8PM (around eight bells to conclude the Second Dog Watch (see link without for more insight).

  • The gam concludes with a moon watch at the easterly end of the boardwalk, culiminating with ...

  • The full blue moon rise at 8:29PM ~ experience a "Once in a Blue Moon Opportunity" ~ a cosmic "touchstone" for the Waterside people's individual and collective progress
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