Life is an Adventure!

Life is a journey, an adventure. And who is better prepared to take the helm in love and guide us through the Waterside's past, present and into the future than Newburyport's extraordinary 18th Century merchant adventurer Lord Timothy Dexter? For if Emerson's observation that there is no such thing as history only biography is true ~ then truly, the history of Newburyport is broadly reflected in Dexter's life story.

[Image of tile on marker along the "historic waye to the Waterside" beside Market Landing, Dexter composited "taking the helm in love" for the next leg of the journey.]

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While renowned for his eccentricities, Dexter was actually a visionary ~ an advocate for progress who was passionate (and compassionate) about "community in the work." Some say he was a genius and knowingly appraise him to be "First in the East, First in the West, and the Greatest Philosopher in the Western World." Others simply think of him as "everyman" with virtues and vices, with dreams and despair ~ sometimes victorious, sometimes defeated along Life's voyage. [In a twist of Fate (or a matter of Destiny) Dexter looms as the "unseen thread" throughout an unfolding history and history in the making ~ the reinforcing fiber of the fabric of community. Draw on that common thread and it gathers the community closer together.]

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So it makes perfect sense that his Lordship will play a key role on both stage and page throughout Yankee Homecoming's "Festival for the Senses" ~ helping to remark several milestones (including the 200th anniversary of his passing) ~ bringing the essence of community in every sense of the word and deed ~ with a Sense of Place, a Sense of Purpose and a Sense of Humor.

[Fulfilling that prophesy, Dexter comes home once again in the form of Newburyport native and local historian Paul Jancewicz, seen here at the marker for the "historic waye to the Waterside" beside Market Landing.]

An avid believer in reincarnation, Lord Tim foretold in his memoir, "A Pickle for the Knowing Ones," that from time to time he "may come back toue see houe you all goue on." For those baffled by his original spelling, this is translated "to see how you all go on" which he supposed would happen by transmigrating to human form through a Dragonfly (Darning Needle). And darning it all, the time has come!
Are you enticed to learn more? If so, before encountering Lord Tim incarnate during this year's Yankee Homecoming festival, the reader may become better informed about his former life by visiting his virtual seat at the domain ~ which conveys some sense of the man and the myth ~ and the enduring motive and motif for both. There, a full transcription (and translation) of his remarkable digest on Life and living "Pickle" is served ~ whetting the appetite for yet more good food for thought.

[Huzza! A fated fête! Lord Tim in the form of Paul Jancewicz with his poet laureate Jonathan Plummer (embodied by John Brennan) ~ a dynamic duo bringing history to life with an ever-widening circle of friends.]

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For indeed, "Lite comes from the East" and this year today's generations of the Knowing Ones remark the 200th anniversary of his passing with fanfare ~ to fan the flame of that "Lite" and "Afterlight" ~ in a regeneration of the Spirit of all generations of the Waterside people born here or drawn here ~ for a time or a lifetime ~ to this special place where we can see our tomorrows dawn. This Yankee Homecoming, entertaining and enlightening "Amousement" will be in dexterous hands as this legendary Yankee partakes in various happenings from the festival's beginning to end ~ serving as ambassador of good will ~ engaging all generations in happenstance encounters, making new friends and gamming with old friends. In the end, a monumental time will be had by one and all ~ merrymaking and memories in the making.

Wish a brief introduction to Newburyport's most celebrated "sitteson"? If so, a summary review of the countering obituaries ~ from different perspectives ~ can be found on the Lord Timothy Dexter's virtual seat on the "noue systom of knollege & Lite." Wondering about Dexter's commission as "exponent extraordinaire" for the Wateside movement? Come to know more at the link within Wonder of Wonders! which was abridged for publication in the Yankee Homecoming program book.

"Dont brake the Chane!" The Yankee Homecoming Web site provides links to the further
hindsight, foresight, insight, oversight and soul-sight from which this text was derived at and See this link within for quick reference.

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