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Measuring Time & Progress

Once in a Blue Moon

Reach for the moon ~ something
to which we all should aspire

Photo/ image © 2009 Bright-iDear

The moon shines bright in such a night as this ...

~ opening line from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, Act V, Scene I (link without) ~

How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a naughty world.
When the moon shone, we did not see the candle.
So doth the greater glory dim the less.

~ subsequent "goodly conversation" between Portia and Nerissa

As mentioned in April 2009 the Full Sturgeon Moon in August would be the second (tertile) "benchmark" in anticipation of the remarkable "once in a blue moon opportunity" that would coincide with New Year's Eve (link within). In anticipation of remarking the occasion, had made way to the Mouth of the River Merrimack to capture the moonrise for posterity. Scanning the horizon for any glimmer of light or half-light, the heavily overcast sky made it impossible to judge where the moon might crest. With the increasingly dense cloud cover the moonrise was obscured.

So taking leave of the situ at the Waterside to meet up with one of the younger generation of the Waterside people who has keen a "correspondent" of the Comity since his political foray as a mayoral candidate in 2007 ~ for he would soon be returning to campus by month's end. Together we strolled another place of reflection here in the Waterside ~ "coming full circle" around yet another source of water known as Frog Pond (at Bartlet Mall).

Gazing up at the sky at every turn, one of the three noted a glimpse of moonlight through the thinning clouds of the easterly sky. Retrieving the camera to set up the shoot at the top of the Courthouse steps ~ this "picture worth a (few) thousand words" captured the Full Sturgeon Moon (in all its glory) shining upon Old Glory. The flagpole reminiscent of the Ship's halyard, the beam of the incandescent lamplight thrown far amidst the verdant leaves of one of the ancient trees so deeply rooted in the common ground that surrounds the Frog Pond at Bartlet Mall. Quite the revelation on such a night as that, one misty August evening in the Waterside community of Newburyport, Massachusetts.




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