Reflecting on the Waterside ...
a measure of time ...

Photo/image © 2006 Bright iDear

Moonrise over the Waterside

The Waterside has always been a shallow port for tall ships and deep thinkers. As such, our ventures are best launched ~ and our tidings best conveyed ~ with consideration of the highest tides. Throughout the generations, one way that the Waterside people of Newburyport have measured time and progress has been with each new and full moon to rise at the mouth of the Merrimack River. Further marking benchmarks and remarking (term) milestones every once in a blue moon ~ this cosmic touchstone offers an ideal opportunity to reorient and reflect, both individually and as a community. Follow the chronicled compass and calendar and come to know (and share) more about the Waterside's history and "history in the making."


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