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Full moon afterglow
Forwarded in a Motion of Comity
By Ken and Dominique Dear
Friday, November 12, 2004

This column coincides with the New Moon, which waxes to the Full Beaver Moon on Nov. 26, the day after Thanksgiving --- shedding some light before revisions of the and Web sites.

Aligned with the full moons come November and December, these revisions will appear on what Lord Timothy Dexter beholds as the "noue systom of knollege & Lite" - and shall reflect Lord Tim's observations upon his latest return "toue see houe you all goue on." (Fulfilling his promise during the Once in a Blue Moon opportunity last summer, Lord Tim came home again "in a Motion of Comity" with the Full Hunters Moon to remark the 215th anniversary of George Washington's 1789 visit to Newburyport, then remained on this side of the veil to celebrate All Hallows Eve and New Beginnings and punctuate a new phase for the Waterside movement.)

In "afterlight" of that momentous occasion, we would like to publicly thank the Newburyport Bank for sponsoring both portrayers (Paul Jancewicz, the embodiment of Lord Tim, and George Moore as "George Washington, Himself"). Ever grateful to Randy Eaton, who joined the entourage as a member from the Independent Marine Society (the first militia company of seamen mustered to defend American rights) - we note that the community experience is always enriched by his presence.

As always, we appreciate use of the Newburyport Public Library as the central place where history comes to life and sincerely thank the Board of Elders of the Old South Church for inviting the entourage to revisit the setting where Washington was received by ecumenical session on that date in 1789 - in particular, the Old South Church pastor, Rev. Rob John, who guided an adventure through this magnificent, historic Meetinghouse.

We thank the Newburyport City Council for granting permission to use the public ways as the first step in the process, the support of the Mayor's Office, especially thank City Auditor Bill Squillace and Administrative Aide Kathi Leo for their special attention, and appreciate the Newburyport Youth Commission's association with the event, "in a Motion of Comity."

We are most grateful to those generations party to this experience - an attentive and patient audience for what Lord Tim was to call upon as a "long storey by our contrey's father the grate herow." We were especially gratified for their spontaneous applause when former Councilor Karen Kelley was introduced to the First President (a conversation that offered an opportunity to frame the contemporary five-year term for the Plan in Motion launched on City Council floor in 1999 and allude to the next leg of the journey).

As ever, we appreciate Joe and Dana Spaulding and family, friends and supporters of the Annual Harold Harnch Halloween Parade (in which Lord Tim and his partner Pirate Petite and Madam Hooper joined to celebrate All Hallows Eve and new beginnings as a community). And further thank Don and Lisa DeGloria, the Chamber of Commerce and city Web masters for adding the weekend event to their sites, and the principals of the Newburyport Public Schools and Immaculate Conception School for encouraging the events to staff and students.

We appreciate the attention and good intentions of the local press, including The Current's nimble weaving of the Dexterous cosmology with the Nov. 5 article, "Moonlight Madness" - and remain pleased that the Merrimack River Current allows the site to enfold their compositions into the ongoing narrative.

While commending The Current article, there are some mis-impressions in the sidebar piece ("Moon Walking") that should be illuminated and would be brought to light by visiting the and Web sites. Please do join in the ongoing conversation at the Virtual Wolfe Tavern (accessible from both sites and hosted at the community bulletin board) and make "gud youse" of that site's community calendar to Keep Pace with the Heavens - for, as Lord Tim would say, "Sum thing more coming!"

Forwarded in a Motion of Comity,

The Dears, Ken and Dominique


(This article replicated online with permission of the Merrimack River Current.)
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