August 17, 2004



Lord Dexter extends thanks


"Timothy Dexter" had a lordly time these past nine days of Yankee Homecoming. He met many wonderful people from near and afar and was allowed to witness music and talent aplenty; he and his undertaker and poet laureate were able to roam all about the town on foot, on boats, in an airplane and even on scooters. It was a tremendous thrill to play the role, to talk local history and just have simple fun.

For welcoming me in the form of Lord Dexter, I would to thank the following people and groups:

Kathy Heywood, chair of this year's Yankee Homecoming's success, Dexter enthusiasts and experts Dominique and Ken Dear for creating the attire, as well as encouraging and training this character; Scott Vandersall and Banknorth for the financial support; Rhode Island actor and historical interpreter John Brennan and his family for traveling from Newport to bring Jonathan Plummer to life; my cousin, Anthony Knapp, for spending one fun-filled, crazy and hot week as my straight-man sidekick; Randy Eaton, whose Revolutionary War impressions are simply great! 'Tis All Good band members: Phil Cosgrove, Dan Cleary and Chuck Wright (Selagh!); "Hanging Judge" Bob Finneran, Esq.; Jim Kelly; Liz and Don Little and family; John Altson and to all of Lord Tim's good-hearted and good-natured pallbearers; YH committee: Dennis Palazzo; C. Bruce Brown; the Lacroix family; Richard Eaton; George Lawrence; George "Mr. Yankee Homecoming" Cashman; Ralph "Mr. Olde Fashioned Sunday" Ayers; Donn Kelly; Don and Lisa DeGloria; Dave and Dorothy Cretian; and to all of the many others who were so nice and who contributed to the successes of this year's events; the editors of the The Daily News for great coverage; Jay Williamson and staff of the Ould Newbury Historical Society; Todd Woodworth; Paul Rogers: Jay Larcome; the whole waterside gang of knowing ones; the many teenagers of the region, including the Adams girls, Nino Esile and Doug Quill, who showed such consideration; Mr. Fred "Chowda and Hospitality" Hardy and family; the Kimball family for their kindness and excellent refreshments; Joe Bono and family for giving in to Dexter's true weakness: raw seafood; my extended and extensive family for their love and support and to many others that I have failed to mention who were simply tremendous to meet, greet and gam with.

And finally --- thanks to my wife and children for putting up with missing "hubby/papa" for that extended period. It's now back to chores around the house and playing "Mr. Mom" for a few more weeks, but I did have the time of my life! My thanks to all the area people who helped to make it so. As John Brennan so aptly put it, "If I made one person smile or grin, maybe they made the day better for someone else … and so on down the road." And as Dexter was wont to say, "'Tis better to laugh than to cry."


(This article replicated online with permission of the Newburyport Daily News, an Eagle Tribune Newspaper.)

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