October 4, 2007

Letter: The only solution is a peaceful solution

To the editor:

As an activist who regularly attends the weekly peace demonstrations in Market Square, I have come to hear many negative and frustrated comments from pedestrians and passers-by, most of which run along the lines of "Get a life," "You're wasting your time," and "Why are you doing this?" Hopefully this letter will be able to respond to the last question in a way that will clear up any confusion or ambiguity.

To me, peace is more than a political issue; it is a lifestyle choice. Peace not only applies to issues of foreign policy, but also to situations we encounter in everyday life. By choosing to treat others with compassion and respect, we choose to live a peaceful lifestyle. I believe that everyone in our world, regardless of religion, nationality or political affiliation, wants peace. However, we all have different ideas of how to achieve peace. While some believe that peace can be obtained through war, history has shown us that this is not the case. "Peace" and "war" are antonyms; therefore, as a matter of philosophy, we cannot wage a war in the hopes of obtaining peace. In order to spread peace, we must set a good example and live peacefully.

In order to truly promote world peace and global community, we must "treat others as we would like to be treated" and not merely play lip service to the ethic of reciprocity. If we want to be treated with kindness and respect, we must treat others with kindness and respect; if we want peace in our world, we must make the first move and act peacefully towards other nations. War can be condemned for myriad economic, political, moral and philosophical reasons, all of which are perfectly valid. Indeed, many solutions have problems associated with them, but war is not and has never been a solution. War not only creates more problems than it solves, it also causes us to lose the moral high ground that we must maintain if we wish to be respected in the global community.

I am proud to be a part of the weekly peace demonstrations; I am proud to be able to promote thought about our foreign policy and our global community; I am proud of my choice to live a life of peace, love and compassion toward others. Most of all, I am proud to support peaceful solutions to all of the problems that we face in our lives and our world. In the end, a peaceful solution is the only solution.




(This article replicated online with permission of the Newburyport Daily News, an Eagle Tribune Newspaper.)
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