The Narrative ~ The Past is a Prologue
~ The Waterside in a Motion of Comity ~

Colonial settlement along the mouth of the Merrimack River began in the year 1644, nine years after Newbury was first established. This Newe Towne was called the Waterside and its inhabitants, the Waterside people --- terms that were well ensconced by the time of the consent for formation of the Third Parish of Newbury in 1722 and used in legal record. This reference is documented in the Waterside Memorialists' 1763 petition for separation from Newbury --- a remonstrance to the Massachusetts Bay General Court that resulted in the organization of the town of Newburyport early the following year.

In February of 1999, a presentation was made on council floor to remark the 235th anniversary of the town Newburyport's incorporation and its first official town meeting held on February 8, 1764. The presentation was made in a Motion of Comity, an expression suggesting the continual progress of the Waterside community --- past, present and future.

Motion of Comity or Comity, so called is not an organization but an organic, holistic movement. Its charter is simply the narrative about the Waterside community in the work, the Plan in Motion. Thus, it represents the journey as well as the journal for all generations of the Waterside people, born here or drawn here. All four Estates are part of the motion and impart the knowledge in a dynamic relationship.

The thesis entitled The Fifth Estate: Community Interactivism proposed that the Waterside community use the (then) current instruments of communication for familiar commerce --- expanding the knowledge base of history and history in the making: the compass, the calendar, and the chronicle --- and emerge new technology with old traditions --- words to action.



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