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A retrospective ~ folio 10 ~ "Overleaf"
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Here, a generation ago these children climb an old tree in Bartlet Mall to watch an event during Yankee Homecoming's Olde Fashioned Sunday.

The photograph was likely taken in 1976 then published in the following year's program book.

Do you recognize any of the children? The tree? Does anyone have this in a pocketful of memories? We hope you choose to share it. (Make a "Comity connection" via email at

Perhaps it was when Ralph Ayers, "Mr. Olde Fashioned Sunday himself" had engaged "Eric the Great" to perform his high wire act across Frog Pond ~ an event which it is said 10,000 people attended ~ and a Remember published in the Yankee Homecoming program book.

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And now, a new generation of the Waterside people climbs a new generation of trees ~ this time after the flag-raising during the Yankee Homecoming 2004 opening ceremony.

By the way, that 1977 twentieth year commemorative book included a letter by then Program Book Chairperson (now Mayor) John Moak, quoting from a program printed a half generation before: "The solidarity of the people of Newburyport is strengthened by its city's history --- its future is assured in the dreams of today's youth --- Today, the people of Newburyport offer friendship as they welcome you to Yankee Homecoming Week 1962."
And so, in that timeless Sense of Community, youth of all ages are welcomed home again to Yankee Homecoming 2006 ~ "A Festival for the Senses." See you there.
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