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With that in mind, let us first take a "peape in the Louking glass" (as Dexter was wont to spell it out) ~ and through the camera lens. Standing before a mirror from his own collection at the Cushing House ~ Lord Timothy Dexter peers into the mirror as his poet laureate Jonathan Plummer looks on.

Lord Tim might well quote from "A Pickle for the Knowing Ones" ~ "I will let you know the sekret houe you may see the Devel ~ stand on your head before a loucking glass & take a bibel to your bousum fast 40 owers and ... look in the loucking glass, there is no Devel if you dont see the ould fellow but I affirm you will see that old Devel ..."

Of course, Dexter's perspective (and retrospective) is a magnified view of human nature. Yet time and again we sense (quoting the essence of Lincoln's first inaugural address) "the mystic chords of memory … when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature."


© 1978 Yankee Homecoming program book

A generation ago, children peer into an oval mirror during the Yankee Homecoming sidewalk sales. The image was captured for posterity, later published in the 1978 program book.

Do you recognize any of the smiling faces under that face paint? Does one belong to you or yours? As an adult, are you living here now, raising a family? Home again for Yankee Homecoming? Lord Tim would hope "toue see houe you all goue on."

So do hope you make a connection during this year's festival. (For a virtual "Comity connection" email

A "Comity connection" has been made with the business whose sign is on the facade of the building in the background ~ with an interesting perspective: Contherm Corporation (a division of Alfa Laval) is now located in the Lord Timothy Dexter Industrial Green. Come to know more about the "bigger picture" at the Waterside community gam ~ and the "e-pilog" which follows.

(View pdf file of enlarged image.)
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