Reflections of the Waterside ... throughout the generations
Portfolio "Intro" ~ a Retrospective

Just what would Lord Timothy Dexter observe were he to come back "toue see houe you all goue on" from time time to time? The images found in this e-volving retrospective offer a glimpse of much broader (re)collections.

And to further capture the imagination, they are captioned from Dexter's perspective ~ just as Lord Tim comes home again to remark several historical and generational milestones ~ and to see how the Waterside ~ and the generations of the Waterside people ~ "goue on."
Portfolio Intro
Folio 1 ~ Reflections in a mirror

Folio 2 ~ The Ship ~ fleeting moments in time ~ Flying Cloud

Folio 3 ~ Home is where the heart is
Folio 4 ~ The Market House (now Firehouse)
Folio 5 ~ Market Landing ~ Further along the waterfont ~ Once in a Blue Moon Opportunity(2004)
Folio 6 ~ Market Square ~ A love story ~ I have seen the elephant!
Folio 7 ~ Re:Generation of Inn Street ~ State Street
Folio 8 ~ Lord Timothy Dexter Industrial Green
Folio 9 ~ Bartlet Mall ~ Old Hill Burial Grounds
Folio 10 ~ Children in trees ~ Overleaf
Of course, at the turn of the 19th Century the tanner turned entrepreneur would have been quite familiar with one of the "noue DisCoverys of men & things" called "photograms" or "sun pictures" ~ which were made by placing objects on leather treated with silver nitrate. A generation (of thirty years) after his passing, images would be made using the Daguerreotype process. (And quite notably, the first of these images taken in the States would be right here in Newburyport.)

The images in this portfolio ~ many scanned from the collection at the Archival Center of the Newburyport Public Library ~ have been digitized and optimized for the Web. (Or what Lord Tim might call the "noue systom of knollege & Lite.") The contemporary images were taken using a digital camera. And so while Dexter would certainly "see" that the technology for photography has dramatically changed over time ~ what about its subjects?

With hindsight (and foresight) the mind-traveling reader (and fellow adventurer) might well regard the caution on vehicular passenger side-view mirrors: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. This being a certain "trouth" whether these objects are things or persons or places ~ or the collective objectives of the Waterside people ~ past, present and future ...

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