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In making that motion, Comity chose not to form as an organized group but to remain a "committee of correspondence" for the Waterside movement ~ intent on reawakening the Spirit of Community ~ issuing a "Sense of Place" & a "Sense of Purpose" via words and deeds. Indeed, the organic movement's timeless (and tireless) agenda was laid out by the Waterside people's 1763 petition (that the Waterside Third Parish of Newbury be established as the separate town of Newburyport, a deed done in 1764). Thus and so, in every sense (and tense) ~ all generations who help form the Waterside community of Newburyport remain members of this continuous movement ~ in a Motion of Comity.

Those mind-traveling readers interested in exploring more in-depth knowledge (and nous) about the Waterside movement & Comity's "e-motivations" are first pointed to the aforementioned key link within then to SMILE
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