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Notices for OS (Julian) civic years 2007-09

Public Meetings/ Forums (link within)

Notice: Public Meeting calendar now online at City of Newburyport Website (link without) ~ PortMedia video recording of municipal meetings now available at this link without

Informational forum to launch the City Charter review process scheduled January 15, 2009, from 7PM to 9Pm at City Hall Auditorium (link within)

Informational forum about the Charter review process held Thursday, September 10 at 7PM in City Hall Council Chambers
(see Daily News article at this link without)

Previous notices/record OS year 2007-8:
7/12/07 ~ Follow-up conversation
6/14/07 ~ Public "town meeting" Forum
Information about the forums & data concerning the (failed) 2008 debt exclusion proposal is available online at City of Newburyport Website (link without)

Gatherings/Gams (link within)

Notice: Ongoing community gams & gatherings & events held during the 3-day Newburyport Labor Day Festival

Sat, 9/5 & Sun, 9/6 ~ ongoing "gamming"
(social exchange & conversation) 'fore, amid & aft' festival at Market Square & Market Landing Park (behind the Firehouse)
Mon, 9/7 ~ the Waterside community "gam" held at Market Landing Park at 1PM (two bells of the Afternoon Watch) until 2PM (four bells of the Afternoon Watch)

Previous notices/record OS year 2008-9:
7/13/08 ~ "Jam & Gam" AMONG CRIMINALS

Previous notices/record OS year 2007-8:

3/07/08 ~ launch AMONG CRIMINALS
10/21/07 ~ Gathering AMONG CRIMINALS
9/23/07 ~ Gathering AMONG CRIMINALS
7/27/07 ~ Gathering AMONG CRIMINALS
5/31/07 ~ Once in a Blue Moon gam

Compass, Calendar (& Chronicle) scoped out for OS Calendar Year
(March 25, 2009 through March 24, 2010)
"The Year of Charting (New) Courses"

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