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When skimming (or poring) over the links from the watermarked scroll (link within) ~ absorbing more information about the relevance of the domain name "Comity" (as defined and divined) ~ note Merriam-Webster's online definition suggesting that the reader will find "more at SMILE."

Accordingly, the original acronym SMILE seems the perfect reminder for the mind-traveling reader to Seek More Information/inspiration/insight Logged/linked/loomed Electronically at

When later considering an appropriate graphic for this "Something to SMILE about" webpage ~ the free "smileys" just wouldn't do. But then came across this public domain image of a moon crater which ~ while obviously altered ~ is truly something to smile about. Think?

Thus and so, within and without the domain "" ~ the mind-traveling reader is encouraged to SMILE ~ & further still ~ with thoughts & words read, said & spread ~ further instill (pro)Motion of Comity ~ while you reach for the moon.

This text will be replaced by the flash music player.
Listen to "The Trees Know" ~ track 11 from "The Wheel" © 1999 Elisa M. Welch ~ the MP3 used with the permission of the artist. (Quite serendipitously) "The Wheel" was released the year of the launch anew of the Waterside Plan in Motion ~ a "Once (twice) in a Blue Moon Opportunity." Many of the "neo-Celtic" songs from this alluring album have been heard on "The Top of the Morning" program aired Sunday from 10AM to Noontide on WNBP radio (link without) ~ which is where two of the Waterside people first heard this moving melody.

Come to know more about Elisa Welch and her good turns at this link without. And while Comity has long taken axis and axiom of "The Wheel" in hand and close to heart ~ having donated a second CD to the Newburyport Public Library for the Waterside people's listening pleasure ~ the Knowing Ones have "certain knowledge that more recently "The Wheel" is available for purchase at this link without.

Correspondingly ~ from time to time shall compose "something to SMILE about" ~ tidings flowing from the Waterside ~ concurrent with the high tides of the new/full moons ~ a rhyme and reason the kind reader may come to know more about at this link within ...

With the most recent occasion to SMILE found at this link within.

The kind reader may seek more pertinent correspondence to the local print media, municipal and other parties/partners (including communications items submitted to the City Council and other municipal bodies and agents) archived at this link within.


March 25, 2010 ~ tidings with the waxing Sap (or Worm or Crow or Lenten) Moon. Commencing with unabridged version of correspondence of the letter to the editor submitted to the Newburyport Daily News for publication on this date, which marks the beginning of the old style (Julian) civic calendar year term from March 25, 2010 - March 24, 2011 (link within).

With this webpage providing some space in the real (or virtual) estate to accomodate The Fifth Estate in addition to the Virtual Wolfe Tavern, the all-ages e-stablishment hosted at Remaining hopeful that abridged letters to the editors "forwarded in a Motion of Comity" submitted by those correspondents comprising the Waterside movement's "committee of correspondence" (or Comity, so called) will be published by The Fourth Estate. Noting that just such a correspondence has been published by the Newburyport Daily News on this date (in history and "history in the making") found online at this link without.

For there is much ado (and to do) in the Waterside ~ as scoped out in the chronicled compass and calendar (link within) ~ with posted (and posited) words in context with deeds (or "doings" to use our forebears' term) ~ as we seek ways to better communicate as a community ~ using components of (and complements to) the phased revisions to the City website (link without).


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