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This being the most recent occasion to smile ...
When skimming (or poring) over the links from the watermarked scroll (link within) ~ absorbing more information about the relevance of the domain name "Comity" (as defined and divined) ~ note Merriam-Webster's online definition suggesting that the reader will find "more at SMILE."

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When later considering an appropriate graphic for this "Something to SMILE about" webpage ~ the free "smileys" just wouldn't do. But then came across this public domain image of a moon crater which ~ while obviously altered ~ is truly something to smile about. Think?

Thus and so, within and without the domain "" ~ the mind-traveling reader is encouraged to SMILE ~ & further still ~ with thoughts & words read, said & spread ~ further instill (pro)Motion of Comity ~ while you reach for the moon.


Correspondingly ~ from time to time shall compose "something to SMILE about" ~ tidings flowing from the Waterside ~ concurrent with the high tides of the new/full moons ~ a rhyme and reason the kind reader may come to know more about at this link within ...

This being the most recent occasion to smile ...
which is a given ~ given the rollover image below.

The kind reader may seek more pertinent correspondence to the local print media, municipal and other parties/partners (including communications items submitted to the City Council and other municipal bodies and agents) archived at this link within ...


September 4, 2010 ~ tidings with the waning Sturgeon (or Green Corn, Grain or Red Berries) Moon. Prompting you to SMILE (Seek More Insight Linked/logged Electronically) about the Sturgeon Moon at this link within ~ the context of the Viewpoint column submitted to the Newburyport Daily News serving as a "conversation piece" to begin the ongoing conversation throughout the waxing, full and waning Sturgeon Moon.

In anticipation of the community's participation in what is to be presented on (and off) "stage" throughout the Newburyport Labor Day weekend festival ~ and the report and rapport that Comity hopes to generate there and then (and subsequently) to gather momentum for moons to come ~ and recreate for presentation on page ~ on "page," online and in print, published by The Fourth Estate.

The "Labor of Love" celebration (and cerebration) shall prove to be an opportune time to remark and demark history and history in the making. With regards to the latter, two municipal benchmarks will "bookmark" this event ~ given the festival begins on Saturday, September 4, 2010 (exactly eight months after the City of Newburyport's Inauguration Day held Monday, January 4) and ends exactly six months to the day from the Mayoral Public Forum which was held March 6 (exactly six months from the end of the Labor of Love Fest on Labor Day, Monday, September 6).

Thus, quite coincidentally offering an ideal time to note a measure of progress and fine tune plans to do just that in moons to come ~ (of course, it is said that there is no such thing as coincidence.) And in due course of these "doings," there are those who believe that one should simply (to quote Emerson) "make a decision and the Universe conspires to make it happen." And so, "the Third Sign" which would manifest on Inaugural Day ~ (captured for posterity in this rollover photograph below) was soon after pronounced to be a good omen.1 A hopeful prediction (and a seeming predicate)2 ~ which what might well come eight months hence come September 4. Now upon us.

Inaugural Day, Monday, January 4, 2010
City Council to take the Oath of Office for their respective seats for the year 2010 through 2011

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mouse over rollover image to see The Third Sign
Those using computers with disabled JavaScript ( & virtually one & all) can view the animated GIF at this link within.

Back row, standing from left: Ward 1 Councillor Edward Cameron (party of the first part in perpetrating [and perpetuating] "The Third Sign"), Councillor at-Large Kathleen O'Connor Ives, Ward 1 Councillor Allison Heartquist, Councillor at-Large Ari Herzog, Ward 3 Councillor Robert Cronin
Front row, seated from left: Ward 5 Councillor Brian Derrivan (party of the second part in perpetrating [and perpetuating] "The Third Sign"), Ward 2 Councillor Gregory Earls, City Council President (also representing Ward 6) Councillor Thomas O'Brien, Councillor at-Large Barry Connell and Councillor at-Large Thomas Jones

Insert Councillor at-Large Steven Hutcheson who, had unavoidably absented himself from the Inaugural Day proceedings ~ officially taking his Oath of Office as one of five Councillors at-Large seated on the City of Newburyport City Council at a later point in time ~ sworn in, as were all other elected officials, by Newburyport City Clerk Richard Jones.

Photo, courtesy of the website's City Council webpage (link without) ~ which will provide more information and insight about all members of the City Council.

More images capturing Inauguration Day 2010 for posterity have been posted at this link within.

Thus and so, some eight months later ~ the moon having receded another inch further from Earth ~ we the Waterside people find ourselves on this piece of Heaven on Earth ~ making slow "progress towards the glorious point of perfection" ~ (to swipe crumb from the toast to progress made by the Waterside movement's figurehead, Lord Timothy Dexter on Independence Day 1793, a pURL of wisdom found at this link within).

At this stage of the "production," one may say (and assay): So far, so good. What say you? Come have your say ~ and come to know more about "this and that" ~ during the Newburyport Labor Day festival. Join the ongoing "gamming" and goodly conversation as we circulate the heart of the Waterside community. (Look for the blue "Motion of Comity" banner [and the white, black and blue balloons representing the full, new and blue moons].) And do come join in the Waterside community "gam" to be staged at Market Landing Park on Monday, September 6 at 1:30PM or so.

Hope to see you there and then. Catch you coming & going. "Go Say!"


1 During a Once in a Blue Moon opportunity to celebrate and cerebrate ~ which would coincide with the new-style (Gregorian) calendar New Year's Eve December 31, 2009 (link within) ~ the snowstorms over a period of days and nights would totally obscure the full blue moon, save two occasions: a glimpse on Thursday, December 30 when the image of the "bunny in the moon" was perceptible at moonrise (around sunset) and very briefly on the following night (which was New Year's Eve itself).

With the latter, while the snowfall was heavy during the moonrise at eventide at the Mouth of the Merrimack 3~ the momentarily clouds parted and the Full Blue Moon would shine brightly down on the new fallen snow. The image capturing the moon at that moment in time evinced the second sign (or sighting) of the bunny in the moon (link within). Then, within moments, the heavy overcast of clouds and snowfall returned, and it would not be until the new dawn of Inaugural Day on Monday, January 4 that the skies would clear.

However, the Blue Moon that rose in the night sky that Monday evening would be so bright that no detail was perceptible to the naked eye or when using zoom lens and digital photography. Rather dismayed, one had mentioned to another the disappointment that "the third sign" ~ which was to be a good omen for moons to come ~ did not manifest (from the span of time from three days before to three days after the full moon).

Later on however, as another was reviewing the photographs he taken that day, including images of the Inauguration itself and the few capturing the moon on that evening, he exclaimed that indeed, "Here is your third sign, the third sighting of the bunny!" Expecting that he had used a filter to enhance the shadowing on on one or more of the images he had taken of the bright moon that evening ~ instead one was shown the image above. Which certain made one (and another) smile that evening. And ever since. Now joined by one and all, given permission by the parties of the first and second part to share the image with the world.

2 For the (then) upcoming old-style (Julian) civic calendar year (March 25, 2010 - March 24, 2011) termed "The Year of Boundless Ambition." Noting that the mind-travelling reader can come to know more about the relevance of the old-style calendar year at this link within ~ with the advance of that old-style calendar term chronicled at the Compass and Calendar webpage found at this link within.

3 And the icy conditions hindered the celebratory events planned for the evening ~ the long-anticipated Once in a Blue Moon opportunity (link within). The neat knit being that Councillor Brian Derrivan was then Chairperson of the Public Safety standing committee to whom Comity's request for use of public space was referred. Having attended the standing committee meeting during which the request was reviewed, it was determined that since no amplification of music nor food vendors would be used (save those shops providing refreshments) and the City Marshall approved this family-oriented celebration in open space, there would be need for Public Safety to take action.

Thereafter, when the item would come out of committee at the next City Council meeting, Councillor Derrivan explained the situation, adding (quote) "they (referring to Comity, so called) simply wanted to make us aware, and are not asking anything of us." As two of the Comity heard this comment, we thought out loud: "Ah, that's what you think!" (Appropriately appropriating the acronymn "LOL" when making a mental note ~ appending same to the virtual correspondence related to the matter."

Much more anon ~ about this particular phenomenon (and its more abtruse noumenon) ~ relating to the accumlating phemomena/noumena ~ to be shared on stage, and (web)page ~ screen and screed.

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