The Map is Not the Territory

Mouse over the map's fields to gather facts about "the historic wayes to the Waterside"

Link without to 2003 Waterfront Strategic Plan

View surveyed map of Parcel 3 ~ NRA lots & public trust lands

2009 NRA waterfront park/parking conceptual design (preferred alternative)

Proposal to NRA & NWT for "landmark events" (ap)plying the conceptual design onsite

Custom House Way Ferry Wharf Way Market Landing aka Middle Shipyard Railroad Avenue Central Wharf Way Somerby's Landing

Landmark Decision

Media coverage of the Waterfront's past, present & future beginning "The Year of the Better Way" (2003)

The Unending Conversation continues ...

2006 survey to seek "common ground" before the next step is taken Newburyport Redevelopment (NRA) webpage

Newburyport Waterfront Trust (NWT) at

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