Phaenomena quaedam

Ad Aspectum NOVI ORBIS configurata.
Or, some few Lines towards a description of the New
As It makes to those who stand upon the

By Samuel Sewall sometime Fellow of Harvard College at
Cambridge in New-England.

Psalm, 45. 10, Forget also thy own people, and thy fathers' house.
Isai 11 14. But the shall fly upon tbe shoulders of the Philistins toward the west.
Act 1.6 — 8 Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom of Israel?
--- ye shall be witness unto me unto the uttermost parts of the earth;
hasta lo ultimo de la tierra. Spanish Bible.
Luke, 15 14. For this My Son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and
is found. V 32. For this thy Brother &c.


BOSTON, Printed by Bartholomew Green, and John Allen.
And are to be fold by Richard Wilkins, 1697



In the year 1697, Judge Samuel Sewall published the first edition of his book, "The New Heaven upon the New Earth" --- which expressed his aspirations and reservations for the New World. An image of the frontispiece of Sewall's book (above) as well as the full extract of the original prose below can be reviewed on pages 191 - 193 of John J. Currier's "History of Newbury," digitized by Google Books at this link without.

"As long as Plum Island shall faithfully keep the Commanded Post; Notwithstanding the hectoring words and hard Blows of the proud and boisterous Ocean; As long as any Salmon, or Sturgeon shall swim in the streams of the Merrimack; or any Perch or Pickeril in Crane Pond; As long as the Sea Fowl shall know the Time of their Coming, and not neglect seasonably to visit the Places of their Acquaintance; As long as any Cattel shall be fed with the Grass growing in the meadows, which do humbly bow themselves before Turkie Hill; As long as any Sheep shall walk upon Old Town Hills, and shall from thence pleasantly look down upon the River Parker, and the fruitful Marishes lying beneath; As long as any free and harmless Doves shall find a White Oak or other Tree within the Township to perch, or feed, or build a careless Nest upon; and shall voluntarily present themselves to perform the office of Gleaners after Barley-Harvest; As long as Nature shall not grow old and dote; but shall constantly remember to give the rows of Indian Corn their education by Pairs; So long shall Christians be born there; and being first made meet, shall from thence be Translated to be made partakers of the Inheritance of the Saints in Light. Now, seeing the Inhabitants of Newbury, and of New England, upon the due Observance of their Tenure, may expect that their Rich and gracious Lord will continue and confirm them in the Possession of these invaluable Privileges; Let us have grace whereby we may serve God acceptably with Reverence and godly Fear.  For our God is a consuming Fire. Hebrews 12: 28, 29."

[Sewall's prose was later immortalized by John Greenleaf Whittier's legendary poem, "The Prophecy of Samuel Sewall" --- which can be found diigitized at this link without.]

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